About AidanTheBandit

Hey guys! Welcome to my site! Take a look around and you'll find lots of things here. I have links to all the different platforms you can find me on and you can buy my merch in the Store section of my site. 

So a little about me. I'm a gamer kid and I've been really into video games and technology for as long as I can remember. I love to take stuff apart and see  how it works. I'm also kind of know as "The IT" guy every where  I go. If the smart board in the classroom isn't working, I'm the guy to fix it. 

But my favorite thing to do is video games. I love to play Minecraft, Beat Saber, BeamNG.Drive, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros... I game on several different devices and I'm always on the lookout for something new! 

When I discovered the wonderful world of making videos and content, I knew it was something I'd love to do and with that my YouTube channel was born. I love to mess around with effects and sounds and intro music. I'm still learning but so far so good. You can subscribe to AidanTheBandit on YouTube to see some cool stuff I've been up to. 

I also live stream on Twitch a lot. I like to get on there and live stream a game while I chat with fans. You can follow me on Twitch.

Discord is another place you can find me. I have my own server on Discord and you can join along with me. My server is called The Bandits Hangout. I do a lot of cool things there so check it out! 

I also have my own Minecraft Java Edition server and you can aces that by going into Multiplayer. You'll hit "add server" and then add the address below:


Instagram is the best way to learn about upcoming events, challenges or when I post new videos you YouTube. Follow me at AidanTheBandit on Instagram for all of that good stuff. 

Finally, I'm always interested to collaborate with fellow YouTubers. Just email me and we'll chat.